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Echotrac CVM
Echotrac CVM

Mobile Hydrographic System

The rugged and weatherproof Echotrac CVM outperforms all other echo sounders in its class by offering the utmost portability without sacrificing Odom performance standards. With dual or single frequency configurations, optional built-in DGPS and bundled notebook PC with your choice of data acquisition software, the CVM has everything you need in an echo sounder even when portability is not an issue.

  • Portable, weatherproof; rugged transit case design
  • Dual or single frequency mode operation
  • Multi-frequency (high: 100 - 340kHz, low: 24-50kHz)
  • Ethernet interface
  • Optional built-in DGPS receiver
  • Optional side-scan transducer
  • Flash memory upgrade

Another great product of Teledyne Odom Hydrographic

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