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SonarWiz is the industry all-in-one solution for geophysical, hydrographic, pipeline, and archaeological surveys as well as for security and SAR with easy to use survey management tools, reliable data acquisition, powerful post-processing and flexible reporting options.



  • Sidescan Sonars, Sub-bottom Profilers, Multibeam,
  • Single-beam, Magnetometers

Get the most out of your survey with our planning tools, including: the Automated Survey Line Generator and time estimations. Planned survey line sets can be exported to GIS and CAD systems. Once you're on the water, our Helm Display provides an easy to read coverage map. The Helm Display can be viewed on an unlimited number of computers with just one license and includes steering information, the Plan View, a bathymetric coverage map with overlap data, and steering indicators. Users with a dongle can make the most of their time on the water by controlling the real time mosaic generation process with the Real-time Mosaic Mode, viewing dual frequency sidescan and sub-bottom channels simultaneously, and selecting, viewing and classifying contacts.


  • C-Max
  • Kongsberg-GeoAcoustics
  • EdgeTech
  • magenex
  • Innomar
  • Knudson
  • L-3 Communications Klein Associates
  • Marine Sonic
  • PingDSP
  • R2Sonic
  • SyQwest
  • Teledyne Benthos
  • Teledyne Gavia
  • Teledyne Hugin
  • Teledyne Odom



Sidescan Sonar, Sub-bottom Profiler, Bathymetry and Magnetometry data

SonarWiz is compatible with more than 50 data formats making it a great one-stop-shop for processing data whether you're working with sidescan, sub-bottom, bathymetry or magnetometry data. The Vessel Editor provides a unique 3D model to configure your sonars, profilers, echo sounders, other sensors and offsets for all survey types with the ability to save vessel configurations for later use. Importing files is easy since you can import the binned files without converting to native versions first. Our post-processing workflow ensures fast and thorough data analysis using patch testing and other semi-automatic and manual correction tools. The SonarWiz 3D viewer provides users with a rich tool for combining and visualizing sidescan, bathymetry and sub-bottom in an easy to use viewer. The 3D viewer can export 3D pdfs which can be shared with non-licensed colleagues and clients. Reporting capabilities allow users to professionally communicate outcomes in a variety of formats. SonarWiz is designed to integrate with your existing production software and geographic information systems, and exports to more than a dozen GIS, CAD and image processing software formats.


  • On-Site hands-on training tailored to your needs at your location
  • Pre-scheduled hands-on training set throughout the year at locations around the world
  • Topical information is provided through quarterly company webinars


We’re constantly upgrading SonarWiz, whether its to add or refine features, expand compatibility with other software and hardware, or integrate new and advanced algorithms to better process your data. While you’ll always have the version of SonarWiz that you purchased, EMA license renewals give you access to the latest version of SonarWiz, quarterly release notes and 24/7 technical support. SonarWiz is the industry all-in-one solution for geophysical, hydrographic, pipeline, and archaeological surveys as well as for security and SAR with easy to use survey management tools, reliable data acquisition, powerful post-processing and flexible reporting options.



  • Load background maps and charts (DNC, RNC, S57, GeoTIFF)
  • Automatically plan survey lines parallel to a reference line, within a polygon based on either efficiency or conventional patterns
  • Estimate survey timing
  • Generate a planned survey map as a GeoPDF, GeoTIFF, ECW, JPEG or Google Earth and export it to your GIS or CAD system
  • Use the Layout Manager to get organized: position program windows and menus where you want them before you start surveying. Layouts can be saved and retrieved
  • Connect your sensors and monitor positioning quality with GPS Quality parameter indicators
  • Control the stats you want to see with the System Info Display. Configurations can be saved and retrieved
  • Right and left survey line steering indicator make the helmsmen’s jobs easy
  • Acquire sonar, navigation sensor, depth sensor, payout meter and magnetometer data simultaneously
  • Configure the comprehensive real time signal processing and gain controls including Auto Gain, Auto TVG, Manual Linear Gain and Manual TVG. Gains only affect the visual, not the raw data
  • Set Mosaic Mode to control real-time mosaic creation, great for managing large surveys it balances
  • performance and displays only what you need
  • Real time bottom tracker automatically tracks the towfish height above the seafloor
  • Preserve the full fidelity of your sonar data and record in EdgeTech JSF or GeoAcoustics GCF. Data can also be recorded as XTF
  • Compare differences between surveys easily with Swipe, Line Shift and Transparency tools
  • Dual frequency sidescan and sub-bottom data can be displayed simultaneously in the waterfall view for quality control
  • Capture contacts and digitize features in real time or post processing


  • Preview files with the SNIFF feature
  • Add and fix navigation data with NavInjectorPro
  • Signal Processing and Gain Control - this includes beam angle correction, de-striping, non-linear per channel TVG, AGC, Band Pass Filtering and Stacking
  • Contact (target) capture, annotation, and summary reporting
  • 3D Viewer
  • Flexible layback configurations
  • Easily printable output
  • Grid/contour isopach-type shapefile / grid generation from selected variables (e.g. altitude + depth)


  • Produce high fidelity sonar mosaics with any map projection
  • Work with High Resolution Data Compatibility for crisp mosaics, contact zooms and waterfall displays
  • Classify Sediment (Seabed)
  • Compatible with Independent Dual-Channel ROVs
  • Dual Channel Bottom Tracker with manual and automatic modes
  • Identify and classify targets and generate target reports


  • Modern survey calibration tools
  • Full support for wide-swath systems including interferometers and dual-headed multibeams.
  • Whole-survey backscatter normalization for better looking mosaics
  • Export data to more than a dozen GIS, CAD and image formats
  • Integrate bathymetry with sidescan, subbottom and magnetometer data sets for complete geophysical analysis


  • Bottom track data manually or use automated tools
  • Correct sub-bottom data for tide and draft variables using the Datum Align to Bathy Grid feature
  • Fix navigation data with NavInjectorPro
  • Polish your data with the Heave Compensation Swell Filter
  • Keep track of acoustic reflectors with annotations
  • Compare reflectors to generate thickness vectors with the Isopach and Thickness Tool
  • Annotate the data with your interpretation of the data using the Core
  • Mapping Tool
  • Visualize your digitized features and analyze intersections in the 3D Viewer
  • View your data in full resolution data with flexible down sampling settings
  • Anomoly detection, measuring, editing, and summary reporting
  • Slice and dice data with grid and contour export options Acquisition & Post-Processing Software

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